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BCD4 Disaster Recovery Planning for Your CPA Firm, Company, or Client 4 Business Mgmt & Org(4)
BCDR Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning for Your CPA Firm, Company, or Client 8 Business Mgmt & Org(8)
CFVV Combating Fraud: Turning Vulnerability to Victory Every Day 8 Auditing(8)
CGPT The Complete Guide to Payroll Taxes and 1099 Issues 8 Taxes(8)
CONS Construction Contractors: Critical Accounting, Auditing, and Tax Issues in Today’s Environment 8 Accounting(3), Auditing(3), Taxes(2)
DRF4 What Drives Fraud and How to Stay Out of the Fraud Ditch 4 Auditing(4)
FAIR Fair Value Accounting: Making the Complex Issues Understandable 8 Accounting(7), Auditing(1)
FAUR FASB Annual Update and Review: Critical Developments for All CPAs 8 Accounting(8)
FFC4 Frequent Fraud Controls Flying in the Face of Victim Organizations 4 Auditing(4)
FLO4 The Statement of Cash Flows: Preparation Guidance and Presentation Illustrations 4 Accounting(4)
FSBT FASB's "Big 3" – Revenue Recognition, Leases, and Financial Instruments 8 Accounting(8)
FSD4 Financial Statement Disclosures: Guide to Current Requirements and Developing Issues 4 accounting(4)
FUR4 Annual FASB Update and Review 4 Accounting(4)
GCA4 Gaining a Competitive Advantage: Critical Skills for CFOs and Controllers 4 Finance(4)
HCR4 From Hiring to Firing and Everything In Between: Health Care, Retirement, and Fringe Benefit Tax Issues 4 Business Law(2), Taxes(2)
HFE4 From Hiring to Firing and Everything In Between: Legal and Payroll Tax Issues 4 Business Law(4)
HTOF From Hiring to Firing and Everything In Between: Legal, Tax, and Health Care Issues 8 Business Law(6), Taxes(2)
IFB4 Innovative Forecasting and Budgeting: Moving Beyond the Traditional Techniques 4 Finance(4)
MBAD MBA in a Day! 8 Economics(1), Finance(4), Marketing(3)
MSTU Surgent's Multistate Tax Update 8 Taxes(8)
PLFB CFO/Controller’s Roadmap to Organization Success With Integrated Planning, Forecasting, and Budgeting 8 Finance(8)
RERE Revenue Recognition: A New Day Is Dawning 8 Accounting(8)
REV4 Understanding and Implementing the New Revenue Recognition Standard 4 accounting(4)
TCF4 Controller/CFO Update: Hot Topics Facing Today's Financial Professional 4 Finance(4)
TCFO Current Developments and Best Practices for Today’s CFOs and Controllers 8 Finance(8)
TDE4 Thriving in a Chaotic Economic Environment: Planning and Strategy Formulation for Your Organization 4 Finance(4)
UIC4 Critical Internal Control Concepts Under COSO’s Updated Internal Control – Integrated Framework 4 Auditing(4)
UICF COSO’s Updated Internal Control -- Integrated Framework: Critical Concepts in Design, Evaluation, Implementation, and Monitoring 8 Auditing(8)