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1ST1 Staff Training in Taxation - Level 1 8 Taxes(8)
1ST2 Staff Training in Taxation - Level 2 8 Taxes(8)
1ST3 Staff Training in Taxation - Level 3 8 Taxes(8)
ACL4 Limited Liability Companies: Losses, Liquidations, Terminations, Continuations, and Sales 4 Taxes(4)
ACS4 S Corporations: Compensation and Redemptions 4 Taxes(4)
ACTL Surgent’s Advanced Critical Tax Issues for Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships 8 Taxes(8)
ACTS Surgent’s Advanced Critical Tax Issues for S Corporations 8 Taxes(8)
ADTS Advanced Tax Structures: Using Tiered Partnerships, Multiple Corporations, Series LLCs, and Disregarded Entities 8 Taxes(8)
APLW Advanced Partnership/LLC Workshop: How to Do Optional Step-Up in Basis Under §754 and Related Provisions 8 Taxes(8)
ATFB Advanced Technical Tax Forms Training – LLCs, S Corporations, and Partnerships 8 Taxes(8)
BCP4 S Corporation, Partnership, and LLC Tax Update 4 Taxes(4)
BCPE The Best S Corporation, Limited Liability, and Partnership Update Course by Surgent 8 Taxes(8)
BTBB The Top 50 Business Tax Mistakes Practitioners Make and How to Fix Them 8 Taxes(8)
BTP4 Partnerships and LLCs: Avoiding Common Pitfalls Facing Practitioners 4 Taxes(4)
BTS4 Key Partnership and S Corporation Tax Planning Strategies 4 Taxes(4)
CBE4 Choosing the Best Entity Structure 4 Taxes(4)
CBES Choosing the Best Entity Structure Under the Tax Law in 2015 8 Taxes(8)
CGLB The Complete Guide to Liquidation of Business Entities 8 Taxes(8)
ERTW Effective and Efficient Senior-Level Review of Individual Tax Returns 8 Taxes(8)
EXIB Hot IRS Tax Examination Issues for Individuals and Businesses 8 Taxes(8)
HMB4 Mastering Basis Issues for S Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs 4 Taxes(4)
HMBI Surgent's Handbook for Mastering Basis, Distributions, and Loss Limitation Issues for S Corporations, LLCs, and Partnerships 8 Taxes(8)
ITCO International Tax Issues for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses -- Going Overseas and Coming to the United States 8 Taxes(8)
LP10 Surgent’s Top 10 Tax Issues in Dealing with LLCs and Partnerships 8 Taxes(8)
NFFI Getting Ready for Busy Season: A Guide to New Forms, Filing Issues, and Other Critical Developments 8 Taxes(8)
REBB The Top 50 Tax Mistakes Practitioners Make In Real Estate Investments and How to Fix Them 8 Taxes(8)
RUSA Reading, Understanding, and Structuring the Roadmap: LLC and Partnership Agreements from a CPA’s Perspective 8 Taxes(8)
SCA4 S Corporation Taxation: Advanced Issues 4 Taxes(4)
SRPL New Critical Decisions in Selecting the Best Retirement Plan for Small Businesses in 2015 8 Taxes(8)
TBCL Tax Forms Boot Camp: LLCs and Partnerships 8 Taxes(8)
TBCS Tax Forms Boot Camp: S Corporations 8 Taxes(8)
TCBU Shortcuts to Tax Cuts: Business Tax Planning Strategies for S Corporations and LLCs 8 Taxes(8)
TFBC Tax Forms Boot Camp: LLCs, Partnerships, and S Corporations 8 Taxes(8)
TPGS Surgent’s 2015 Annual Tax-Planning Guide for S Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs 8 Taxes(8)