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ACS4 S Corporations: Compensation and Redemptions 4 Taxes(4)
CFVV Combating Fraud: Turning Vulnerability to Victory Every Day 8 Auditing(8)
CIAR Core Issues Related to Properly Assessing and Responding to Financial Statement Audit Risk 8 Auditing(8)
DRF4 What Drives Fraud and How to Stay Out of the Fraud Ditch 4 Auditing(4)
ETDE Delaware Ethics for CPAs 4 Ethics (Regulatory)(4)
FFC4 Frequent Fraud Controls Flying in the Face of Victim Organizations 4 Auditing(4)
FSBT FASB's "Big 3" – Revenue Recognition, Leases, and Financial Instruments 8 Accounting(8)
GNA4 Latest Developments in Government and Nonprofit Accounting 2015 4 Accounting (Governmental)(4)
ICIL Intermediate Core Tax Issues in Partnerships and LLCs 8 Taxes(8)
ICIS Intermediate Core Tax Issues in S Corporations 8 Taxes(8)
LFSA Leveraging the Financial Statement Audit to Add Value to the Client 8 Auditing(8)
MGEN Multigenerational Financial and Tax Planning for Clients 8 Taxes(8)
NPFR Not-for-Profit Financial Reporting for Today and Tomorrow 8 Accounting (Governmental)(8)
PSAS Performing Single Audits in 2015 and Beyond 8 Auditing (Governmental)(8)
QUPR Surgent's Auditing Workshop: Best Practices for Improving Audit Quality and Profitability 8 Auditing(8)
SVN4 The Seven Aspects of a GAAS Audit 4 Auditing(4)
TBCL Tax Forms Boot Camp: LLCs and Partnerships 8 Taxes(8)
TBCS Tax Forms Boot Camp: S Corporations 8 Taxes(8)
TCBU Shortcuts to Tax Cuts: Business Tax Planning Strategies for S Corporations and LLCs 8 Taxes(8)
TDP4 Surgent's Essential Depreciation Update for Practitioners 4 Taxes(4)
TFBC Tax Forms Boot Camp: LLCs, Partnerships, and S Corporations 8 Taxes(8)