Specifically designed for compilation and review practitioners and their staff, this course will provide you with a comprehensive review and hands-on application for performing compilation and review engagements. You'll learn the ins and outs of both SSARS No. 19, Compilation and Review Engagements, and SSARS No. 21, Clarification and Recodification, the most significant changes to the compilation and review standards since their inception over thirty years ago. Not only will this course bring you up to date on SSARSs requirements and guidance, but more importantly, it will provide you with practical examples and illustrations to help you effectively and efficiently perform compilation and review engagements. This course is intended to be your go-to reference for training your staff and managing your compilation and review practice services.

Major Topics:

  • SSARS No. 19, Compilation and Review Engagements
  • SSARS No. 21, Clarification and Recodification
  • Engagement programs
  • Designing and performing procedures
  • Disclosure illustrations
  • Reporting and other communication requirements
  • Current ARSC agenda items and projects

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and apply SSARS No. 19, Compilation and Review Engagements and SSARS No. 21, Clarification and Recodification
  • Review compilation and review program examples and disclosure illustrations
  • Identify and apply compilation and review procedures
  • Review the most recent compilation and review reports and other communications
  • Keep abreast of ARSC agenda items and projects

Designed For: Accounting practitioners and their staff performing and managing compilation and review engagement services
Level of Knowledge: Update
Prerequisite: Experience in performing and managing compilation and review engagements
Advanced Preparation: None
Credits: 8
Field of Study: Auditing(8)
CFP Credit: No

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