Surgent 2017 LIVE SEMINARS

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ATFI Advanced Technical Tax Forms Training – Form 1040 Issues 8 Taxes(8)
BFT4 Federal Tax Update 4 Taxes(4)
BFTU The Best Federal Tax Update Course by Surgent 8 Taxes(8)
BIT4 Individual Income Tax Update 4 Taxes(4)
BITU The Best Individual Income Tax Update Course by Surgent 8 Taxes(8)
ERTW Effective and Efficient Senior-Level Review of Individual Tax Returns 8 Taxes(8)
EXIB Hot IRS Tax Examination Issues for Individuals and Businesses 8 Taxes(8)
IEFP The Best Income Tax, Estate Tax, and Financial-Planning Ideas of 2015 8 Taxes(8)
IFCP Surgent's Individual and Financial-Planning Tax Camp 8 Taxes(8)
INB4 Individual Income Tax Return Mistakes and How to Fix Them 4 Taxes(4)
INBB The Top 50 Mistakes Practitioners Make and How to Fix Them: Individual Tax and Financial Planning 8 Taxes(8)
ITP4 Individual Tax Planning Ideas for 2015 4 Taxes(4)
MGEN Multigenerational Financial and Tax Planning for Clients 8 Taxes(8)
NFFI Getting Ready for Busy Season: A Guide to New Forms, Filing Issues, and Other Critical Developments 8 Taxes(8)
NIT4 Surgent’s Guide to Understanding the Net Investment Income Tax in 2015 4 Taxes(4)
PAIT Getting More Active with the Passive Activity Rules and the Net Investment Income Tax 8 Taxes(8)
PAR4 Surgent’s Guide to Understanding the Passive Activity Rules in 2015 4 Taxes(4)
PITR Preparing Individual Tax Returns for New Staff and Para-Professionals 8 Taxes(8)
SATC Surgent’s Federal Tax Camp 8 Taxes(8)
SSR4 Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits 4 Taxes(4)
SSRB Social Security, Medicare, and Prescription Drug Retirement Benefits: What Every Baby Boomer Needs to Know Now 8 Taxes(8)
STRI Surgent’s Advanced Individual Income Tax Return Issues 8 Taxes(8)
TTEN The Top 10 Tax Topics of 2015 8 Taxes(8)